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As you can imagine the resources to support Boardnation do not come for free. What this means is that, while we refuse to place ads on public parts of your paid service, we must unfortunately limit the plans in some other manner. We have introduced our own "Points" measurement that keeps track of the number of boards, topics, replies, polls, members, censored words, member groups, categories, news items, and private messages your message forum contains. Each Flagship plan then comes with a certain number of points at your disposal. A free 30-day trial forum with no ads comes with 7000 points at your complete disposal. The 7000 point value was created from this schema: 10 boards, 4 categories, 20 censored words, 4 custom membergroups, 150 members, 8 news items, 500 private messages, 30 polls, 2570 posts, and 220 topics. This totaled 6996 points which we then rounded to 7000. Of course if you have, for example, only 20 private messages you will be able to have more of something else and vice versa. Points were designed to be an adaptive and easy to understand space measure.

Free 30-day Trial - How it Works
We have added a free 30-day trial so that you can test drive your forum to see how things work. You will have 7000 points to work with on your trial forum, which is plenty of points to give you a good feel for it. By the end of the 30 days, you must upgrade your forum to a paid plan, or it will automatically be taken offline. You can easily upgrade your forum to a paid plan, using a clearly visible link in the administration center. In the end, you will receive a forum with great features, great speed, and great support, without having to worry about what you will do as your forum grows, because of the easy upgrade path!

Since 2001, Boardnation has strived to offer the best ad free forums on the net. Flagship plans are designed to offer more features and space to every webmaster out there. We currently offer (4) Flagship plans, starting at only $4.89 USD per month. All Flagship plans include the following features and are not feature locked, meaning more features will be added over time.

The Flagship upgrade process is very easy, and can be completed after you signup for your free 30-day trial forum. To upgrade your forum, there is an "Upgrade Now" link in your forum's administration center. You may also view your forum's current point usage from this page.

Support is available to all Boardnation customers via our support forum and email.

Flagship Hosting Plans
Price Per Month (USD)

Need Even More Than Flagship?
While we try to offer a wide range of services with our Flagship plans, we do recognize that you may not fit into one of those four plans. Forums are designed to bring people together and often to achieve this you need the most control that you can achieve. This starts with the ability to pick which piece of software you wish to run. With the Advanced hosting plans you have the ability to choose between powering your forum with SMF, phpBB, Invision Board, or vBulletin (You must supply the license). If you would like to run a different piece of forum software please contact us. Your forum can be hosted under either your domain name or a subdomain of your domain giving it an even more personal feel. Since the Advanced plans are designed to grow as you grow, we only measure and limit the amount of data transfer (bandwidth) that your forum uses per month. We currently offer four different plans starting with one gigabyte of data transfer per month. If you outgrow the largest plan we will work with you to come up with a solution that will fit your needs. While our plans may be more expensive than many dime-a-dozen shared hosts, we are committed to helping you grow your forum and meet your needs. We live and breathe forums and understand not only how they operate but also how to optimize and manage a server designed to run them. If you wish for us to import data from another forum that we do not currently host a $50 setup fee will be charged due to the manual process and labor. Monthly data transfer overages are charged at $2.50 per gigabyte used over the limit of your plan. Please contact us at if you have any questions or would like to pursue an Advanced hosting plan.

Advanced Hosting Plans
Data Transfer (GB)
Price Per Month (USD)
Plan 1
Plan 2
Plan 3
Plan 4

Features Included On All Forums
Full Template Control IP, Username, and E-mail Banning
     Avatars from a list or a user may specify a custom one
     Custom titles
     Personal text

Complex Statistics
     Top 10 Posters
     Top 10 Boards
     Top 10 Topics (by Replies)
     Top 10 Topics (by Views)
     Full Forum History

     Post based and custom groups
     Category restriction by membergroup
     Ability to list who is in which membergroup

Ability to Send Random Passwords
†††††On Registration
     When changing their e-mail address

Editable Forum News Reserved Names
Maintenance mode - only allow administrator login Disable Guests from viewing your forum
Enable Guest posting Ability to limit private message use by membergroup
Moderation Tools
     Ability to lock threads
     Sticky threads for important information
     Move threads from one board to another
     Delete posts one by one or a thread as a whole
     Ability to edit posts and polls
     Lock a thread after posting in it
Posting Tools
     Forum code
     Message icons
     Quick reply box
     Ability to quote a post
     E-mail notification of replies
     Printing of threads
     Post preview
Ability To Search Forum Word Censoring

And Even More Features !!
Disable New Registrations
Multiple Thread Mover
Mute User
Quick Moderator
Disable Changing Display Names
Return to Post After Posting
Users Online Coloring
Show Today's Birthdays on Boardindex
Enhanced Search
Disable Private Messaging
Allow Guests to View Memberlist
Specify Default Personal Text
New Post Notification

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