FAST Message Boards !!!!
We are almost completed with Phase 2 of the maintenance.  Those of you who haven't noticed a major increase in performance with your message board must be asleep under a rock somewhere  :)

The speed we are seeing on test boards is at an all-time high !!
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Anti-SPAM efforts continue
We have recently implemented a more sophisticated CAPTCHA script on the registration page of all Flagship boards.  This should eliminate 99.9% of all SPAM bots - keep in mind that nothing is 100%.  The script also allows you to display a different image, in case you or your members (as human beings) have a problem reading the letters/numbers/equation.

If you don't have a Flagship board... upgrade!

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Ads showing up on message boards

Many of you have noticed a text ad showing up on your message board today.  This is not a Google ad, but rather a 3rd party ad service.  But it does look a lot like a Google ad  :-)

For all of you that are on a paid plan, no worries: The ads will disappear as we update our database.  We will be contacting each board owner via email by the end of the month, to make sure each account is current, and that the ad is removed completely.

The thought behind using an ad service again (other than Google) was to offer our users a scaled down "lite" version of our message boards, suitable for smaller forums with little activity. It has not been decided yet if we will offer this type of board; we are just looking at the code and placement option for possible use.  With all of the problems that we experienced with Google ads, we're not excited at all about running ads, but it's possible that other ad services are not... how should I say this... as arrogant, as Google is.
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Boardnation on the Move - Please Read

After much (and I mean a lot of) work, and tying up several loose ends, I have great news: [b]Boardnation is on the move to a new state-of-the-art data center!![/b]  What does this mean for you?  Faster response times for your message board, due to more bandwidth and upgrades to both hardware and software, as well as more “up time” due to the hardware upgrades and the reliability of the data center.  So, all around better.

The move will come in 2 phases:

[b]Phase 1:[/b] The website and this support forum, along with some of the Advanced Plan message boards will be migrated to the new data center.  Barring any major issues,[b] this will happen tomorrow night (Monday, August 9th) at approximately 9PM Pacific Time. During the migration, the Boardnation website, this support forum and many Advanced Plan boards will be down.[/b]  The outage should last no more than 12 hours.  Some of the time it takes is dependent on how fast (or slow) DNS propagates around the Internet to where you are located.

[b]Phase 2:[/b] Flagship and “free” message boards will be migrated to the new data center. This phase is scheduled to happen within the next 30 days.

After Phase 1 is completed, I will be posting long-awaited information on the fees for our message boards, along with instructions on how to upgrade, etc.

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!!!!! BN Notice - Please Read !!!!!
Most of you with free message boards have probably noticed by now the lack of Google Ads being displayed on your board. Google has made a decision to ban Boardnation from their Adsense program, because they found one of our message board customers posting some questionable material which violated Google’s Terms of Service. It also violated Boardnation’s Terms of Service. We removed the board immediately after it was reported to us, and I asked Google to reconsider BN for their Adsense program, but they have so far refused.

Being unable to display Google ads has forced us into a position to no longer offer free message boards, at least for the undefined future.  Those of you with free message boards (either with or without ads) will need to upgrade to a paid plan by June 5th.

We are offering special pricing on (2) paid plans as follows:

1) $4.49/mo Flagship Plan. This plan has all the bells and whistles of the old “Platinum” Plan.  Here is a list of additional features you will see with this plan:

• Effective CAPTCHA on Registration page - to keep spam bots out of your board!!
• Disable New Registrations
• Multiple Thread Mover
• Mute User
• Quick Moderator
• Disable Changing Display Names
• Return to Post After Posting
• Users Online Coloring
• Show Today's Birthdays on Boardindex
• Enhanced Search
• Disable Private Messaging
• Allow Guests to View Memberlist
• Shoutbox
• Specify Default Personal Text
• New Post Notification
• No Google Ads!
• Payments are setup using PayPal

2) $9.99/mo Advanced Plan. This is a dedicated board with its own database, and you have full access to add mods, themes, portals, etc. You can also use your own domain name. See if you haven’t already, to get an idea of what your board would look like.

[b]Again, if you have a free board, you will need to upgrade by June 5th.  If you do not upgrade, your board will be flagged for deletion.  If you wish to leave BN, and you want us to export all of your board data for you, we will do that for a $100 flat fee.[/b]

[b]If you want to upgrade your board, or if you want your data exported, you must email me directly at[/b]

We are sorry that it has come to this, but in many ways it's far better!  We (and you) will no longer be at the mercy of Google's Adsense program, and you will enjoy several new features with a Flagship board, and, no more Google Ads!

Keep in mind that if Google decides to reinstate us into their Adsense program down the road, we will certainly consider offering free message board services once again, and converting your board back to an “ad” board.

I want to comment on the state of the servers, and our recent level of support.  I realize there have been several server issues on and off lately that have affected many of you.  I am working directly with the engineers at The Planet (which is where the BN servers are hosted) to have server maintenance done on a regular basis; this will go a long way in making our servers the most reliable they can possibly be.

In addition, we are in the process of deleting boards from our databases (so far over 500 boards have been deleted), and we are continuing the purge process.  We are deleting message boards that have “moved elsewhere” to another host, and also boards that have had no posting activity in (6) months or more. These boards are considered abandoned.  This purge process frees up a lot of space on our servers, and makes the load time for active boards much faster.

I also realize that I’ve been slow to respond to these issues.  After months of being in and out of the hospital, my Mom passed away earlier this year.  Any of you that have lost a parent knows what is involved when this happens, and it’s an experience that even though you realize the day is coming, it is still a shock when it actually happens.

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